Our primary aim is to create good relationships and enhance the community spirit, among the wider community network.

Annual Spring Funday - Fun for the Community
Weekly Project - Feeding the Needy
Annual Charity Breakfast - Raising money for Macmillan & Cancer Research
Beneficial Classes - Free Ramadan Classes
Food bank

Our food bank has been set up to provide much needed food items for the deprived members of our community. Locals drop off food to the bank and working with Redbridge Foodbank we are able to supply provisions where needed.

If you would like to make any donations you can bring your food items to our address during the opening hours. Please remember we can only accept tinned or sealed/packeted/ unopened non perishable items which are NOT past the expiry date. NO fresh foods please.

Guest speakers

We all enjoy the company of good people so we regularly invite guest speakers to visit and share their knowledge and experiences with us. Often such events are catered free of charge.

Annual Eid party

Our Annual Eid Celebrations are held after Eid Ul Fitr; celebrating with friends of Alhuda and our local community. Usually this is a womens only event with dinner and entertainment provided.

Annual Spring Funday

Every summer Alhuda organises a Funday for all the locals to come and enjoy various stalls and activities in a fun environment. We have many tables selling various items such as jewellery, clothes and toys.

McMillan Cancer Research Coffee Mornings

MacMillan Cancer is a leading charity in the UK that provides emotional and financial support for people suffering from cancer, as well as their families.

The biggest fundraiser of this charity is arranging coffee mornings once a year during autumn seasons. The whole country gets involved by holding coffee mornings at organisations, schools and homes.

At Alhuda we support this charity by hosting our own coffee morning to raise money for their noble cause – and giving it an Asian touch, by providing a variety of foods such as Asian sweets and savouries alongside cakes and treats!

All food is donated by the staff, students and friends. The event is open for the whole community.

Cancer Research Big Breakfast

Another leading charity that plays an important part in helping to cure and eradicate this disease is Cancer Research.

A big breakfast is held, again giving it an Asian touch and bringing in a variety of foods. The whole community gathers, where women and children enjoy, socialise, eat and donate. All proceeds then go to the charity.

Fit For Fun

These popular exercise sessions are free and are provided by trained professionals from Redbridge. The weekly sessions are for women only and aim to make participants feel fitter and healthier and to improve general well-being.

Health and Wellbeing 

There are various sessions provided to address specific topics which may affect the community and society as a whole. Professional Health and Wellbeing advisors are from Redbridge and deal with a number of important issues such as dementia, domestic abuse and Tuberculosis.

Other Activities

Among those mentioned, the welfare department also organises and provides other beneficial services such as counselling sessions for women, Ramadan gifts, Masjid open days and public graduation ceremonies.

The Social Welfare department is working in partnership with other sectors internally and externally, to provide more services and serve the community at large. We are trying to improve on our current services and are introducing new projects such as mother and toddler group, health and safety classes and group excursions. We also hope to introduce professional IT classes and more English Language classes in the near future. As an organisation it is our duty to establish an anti discriminatory practice and provide access to the whole community regardless of their background, however the majority of classes and events are catered for ladies only as the centre is established as a womens trust.

At the same time, pass on our deen and carry out dawa work to bring Muslims closer to the deen and portray positive role models for non believing society, to get them out of a mind set of stereotypes of Muslims portrayed by the media, instead show them what are the correct teachings of our deen. As the mission of our organisation is to deliver Quran in every heart and every hand.

Counselling Sessions

This is a free confidential service for those in need of professional help and need a listening ear. No referral is needed.

Ramadan Gifts

To revive the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, we keep strong ties with our neighbours and distribute gifts before Ramadan.

Our Ramadan packs consist of Sunnah and Quranic foods such as dates, olives, honey, and so on. This creates community awareness of the importance of this holy month.